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professional multifunction multimeter The Jupiter

professional multifunction multimeter The Jupiter

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 “Essentially it is a mini compliance tester, which comes with four of the six compulsory testers, namely earth leakage, loop, voltage and phase rotation testing.”

“For any electrician, a multimeter is essential in day-to-day work,” 

 “The Jupiter allows electricians to complete their work quicker, safer and with less tools on site. The multimeter also includes a quick release battery compartment and two test lead holders on the back for easy two-hand testing.”

Not just a multimeter, the new Jupiter, which became available at the beginning of October, is the only multimeter capable of testing electrical installation safety.

It compares each measurement with the limits provided by the SANS10142 guidelines, and provides a clear OK/NOT OK result. In a portable, rugged and compact package, it features functions previously only available in high-end instruments, and allows a wide range of external transducers to measure AC TRMS, DC, AC+DC, and inrush current.

Features include:


• AC/DC voltage up to 690V with LoZ input

• Frequency

• Autorange of AC/DC signals

• Automatic polarity indication

• One-lead phase sequence detection

• PSCC and Loop Impedance calculation

• Dynamic inrush currents of motors.

• Tripping time and current of RCD/ELCBs up to 300 mA

• THD% calculation up to 25th Harmonic

• Earth Ground resistance L-N, L-L, L-E

• Low impedance voltage input to eliminate ghost voltage readings

• 6000 counts

• Backlit display

• A host of optional accessories

• Comes standard with calibration certificate

• Measurement Category IV 600

• Two year warranty


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