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SAFTEC’s mission is to be the leader in quality professional electrical, electronic & engineering handtools, toolkits, and test equipment. The company carries an in‑depth inventory of a selection of top brand name products used by Technicians and Engineers in service, installation, maintenance, manufacturing and quality assurance functions in a wide spectrum of industries.

SAFTEC founded in 1979, has achieved an enviable reputation for delivering on its stated aim: “Helping you to work professionally.” Indeed, our customer’s needs are our first priority and we are committed to providing the answer to your needs, faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever thought possible.

SAFTEC imports and distributes the Draper Tools range of products as well, for more info visit or click the blue catalogue above for 900+ products.

Our Sales Engineers would welcome the opportunity to visit you and assist you in selecting the right tools to help you to work, professionally!


How-To Videos

We have put together a selection of great instructional videos to help you with some of the most common questions and requested information we have received from you.

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Who are we?

Paramount to our continuing success and product acceptance by some of the largest corporations and parastatals using toolkits, has been the commitment to the Techmaster name and values which this name has come to stand for.

Techmaster for Quality, Value, Range, Detail & Style.

Quality -- uncompromising real quality, the reason why so many customers come back for more.
Flexibility -- our Module system means that you can maximise the usefulness of your toolkit as never before
Continuity -- consistent lines of supply and an open-ended design platform give Techmaster the edge
Function -- every tool in your toolkit is essential, saving you from carrying unnecessary weight and saving you money

Our Staff

Sales Manager: Gert van Rensburg (0836251691 or 0828031552)

Stores: Zweli

Internal Sales: Craig & Arno  

Cape Town

External Sales: Suzanne