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ESD SMD tweezers 120mm form 50 stainless steel tip � 0.8×3.0mm dissipative


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Gripping, holding and positioning tweezers, receptacle for geometrically shaped parts (pick-and-place). Tweezers for SMD/THT technology, for gripping cylindrical components and components Mini MELFs, diodes, resistors, or simple holding of wires. For easy pulling and inserting of round or cubic components, bulbous or long-hollow receptacles are suitable.100% stainless steel anti-magnetic, rustproof and acid-resistant, reflection-free matt fine polished. Stainless austenitic chromium nickel quality steel with low carbon content, for good corrosion resistance (not seawater resistant). Dissipative black ESD coating achieves surface leakage resistance of 10^6 to 10^9 ohm.tip width 3.0 mmgrip recess � 0.8 mmstraight shapeform 50form 50material stainless steel SA antimagneticmatt polished surface, smooth and glare-freeESD coating dissipative between 10^6 to 10^9 ohmlength 120 mmweight 16 g


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