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ESD desoldering lever with slot 0.7×2.0mm


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Ideal lifter, spudger or when unsoldering for stuck parts / components from the PCB without damaging them. When working on printed circuit boards (PCB’s) it can happen that solder bridges or solder residues have to be removed, our tin scraper 2-128 can be very helpful here. Our tin knife 2-127 with steel blade or our tin knife 2-101 with ceramic blade are suitable for interrupting conductive paths. Please note that these tools are extremely sharp. .EPA suitable. For working in electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone). The blades are made of quality steel. The tips are finely ground and intentionally left without surface treatment to avoid chrome or similar chipping. The rotating cap is easy to move and the ergonomic shape makes the handle comfortable to replace or lifting stuck components for desolderingblade-� 3.5 mmblade width 3.58 mm (+/-0.01)blade depth 2.0 mmblade depth 2.0 mmslot width 0.7 mmBlade quality steel, mat chrome-platedESD handle with rotating cap, dissipative (10^5 bis 10^7 Ohm)length 147 mmweight 17 g


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