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Universal crimping pliers


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Professional modular crimping tool for cutting, stripping and crimping the most common connector types. These sturdy pliers made of solid metal have interchangeable blades, a ratchet mechanism with spring and a locking device, closed lock.All in one: modular VDV plug-in crimper (voice / data / video) combined with wire stripper and cutter. Connector for 4, 6, 8, 10 position modular connector types (RJ22, RJ12 / 11, RJ45) and 6 position DEC connector in parallel action for professional work. Cutting and stripping of round cables and flat cables.interchangeable blades, spring and locking device, ratchet mechanismfor cutting, stripping and crimping 4p 6p 8pfor crimping RJ45 modular computer plugsfor modular telephone plugs RJ11, RJ12, DECfor modular telephone plugs RJ11, RJ12, DECfor modular headphone plugs RJ9, RJ10cutter and stripper for flat and round wiresmaterial tool steel, surface burnishedlength 220 mmweight 520 g


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