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Pro Holder VESA adapter plate stainless steel 3 mm


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Monitor holder for industrial monitors or flat screens that often need to be realigned when working. Common types of monitors or TV sets can be screwed on through the various drill holes. The VESA plate is connected to the ball joint mounting bracket via two M5 threads to prevent it from twisting. The base of the ball joint holder can be mounted on the wall, in vehicles, on shelves or uprights in the warehouse via four through holes. Possible accessories: 45� adapter or extensions 50 and 100 mm. The ball is clamped without any locking via the lever on the side. The clamping force of the ball is exceptionally high, detailed information can be found in the ball joint holder data sheet. In connection with the ball joint holder please note, especially for safety-relevant parts, that we cannot give a guarantee of the holding forces without knowing your specific application. The ball may behave differently under different physical conditions than it does in our test laboratory in an optimal test environment. Our product development department is constantly working on the optimisation and further development of our products. If you have any questions, improvements or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you.Mounting bracket for industrial monitors or screensVESA plate for common typestwist-proof connection with ball joint holder through 2x M5 threadfor wall mounting, in vehicles, on shelves or uprightsfor wall mounting, in vehicles, on shelves or uprightsquick alignment of the screen possible due to the mounting brackettechnical drawing see data sheetpossible accessories: extensions or 45� adapterOrientation dimensions (LxWxH) 90 x 90 x 3 mmWeight 184 g


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