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Power Tool Torque adapter 2.0Nm for 1/4 inch inside+outside shank (250rpm)


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Turn your cordless screwdriver and a � inch bit into your perfect torque tool. The torque value is preset in the adapter and can be clamped between any standard cordless screwdriver and a bit (quick-change system E6.3). The maximum speed is 250 rpm with minimum click repetition. If the max. torque of the machine is reached, it must be retightened by hand. The clicking sound indicates when the torque is reached. The adapter cannot be overtightened. When loosening the screw, there is no torque unlocking (due to the blocked core shaft), therefore no additional loosening tool is required (30% higher torque when loosening).The adapters are tested according to DIN EN ISO 6789 (manually operated torque screwdriving tools) and have a tolerance of � 10% for at least 20,000 clicks. The torque value should be checked regularly by the user via a torque meter. The adapter functions by locking the ratchet, the torque in the bushing sleeve. The patented system also consists of a hollow shaft and a damping cylinder. The core shaft is able to move the mobile ratchet. The damping cylinder has a slot to allow the spacer sleeve to slide on the core shaft. When the applied torque exceeds the preset torque, the core shaft becomes inactive. This means that when the torque requirement is reached, the continuous tension is no longer increased, so also on the screw to be tightened.Torque adapters are often used as a complete solution for work on electronic equipment, in quick-change systems, robotic stations, aerospace, medical, or just about any workbench wherever accurate torque is needed.preset torque, precise for 20,000 clicks (max. speed 250 rpm)Tolerance +/-10% (factory certificate on request)Tightening torque 2.0 Nm / 20.4 Kgfcm / 17.7 in-lbBit magnetic holder 1/4 inch hexagon 6.35 mm (DIN 3126)Bit magnetic holder 1/4 inch hexagon 6.35 mm (DIN 3126)Quick-change connection E6.3 Machine mountMaterial alloyed steelAdapter � 12 mmLength 62.7 mmWeight 28 g


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