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Interchangeable tips Delrin for 5-441 (pair) 1.5mm wide, insulated


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Interchangeable DELRIN tips for very sensitive components.DELRIN is a universal plastic for functional parts in precision mechanics or apparatus engineering with outstanding technical properties: low frictional resistance, good abrasion resistance, excellent spring capacity, high fatigue strength, good electrical properties, high dielectric strength, low dielectric loss factor, good chemical resistance especially against solvents, very resistant to stress cracking. The tweezer body is made of high quality stainless steel, antimagnetic and acid resistant.rounded tips width 1.4 mmform 70 DVmaterial tip delrinmatt polished surface, smooth and glare-freematt polished surface, smooth and glare-freefully insulated 10^13 and 10^15 ohmlength 42 mmweight 2 g


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