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ESD hand magnifier 5x magnification LED


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Antistatic hand magnifier, suitable for the EPA area, with a surface resistance of 10^5 to 10^9 ohm. With this ESD conductive hand magnifier antistatic charge can be discharged in an ESD-safe and controlled manner. A good choice, also for enlargement on the way to-go or at the mobile workstation. The ESD magnifying glass mixes plenty of light and offers a high level of magnification in order to optimally recognize the smallest parts and components and to protect them from uncontrolled discharge.Risk factor loupes and lighting. At the ESD workstation, sensitive components must not be exposed to an electrostatic field of more than 100 V / cm. There is a high risk due to the use of highly rechargeable materials such as glass or plastic. Above all, loupes and lights are dangerous because they are often used very close to the product. An electrostatic discharge can also occur via the air, it is not always a direct contact necessary. For this reason, only use ESD-safe lighting like this item, in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1.Please note the following information on our products: The crossed-out dustbin symbol means that the battery may not be disposed with household waste. The symbols shown on the batteries have the following meaning: Pb = battery contains more than 0.004 mass percent lead / Cd = battery contains more than 0.002 mass percent cadmium / Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005 mass percent mercury.ESD safe, suitable for the EPA areamaterial (plastic part) conductive PP blacksurface resistance 10^5 to 10^9 ohmmagnifying glass diameter 62 mmmagnifying glass diameter 62 mmlens magnification 5xLED illumination: 5x LED white, 1x LED UVbattery operation 2x AAA (delivery without battery)length 200 mmweight 25 g


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