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ESD Geometric tweezers set 3 pcs


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Gripping, holding and positioning tweezers, holder for geometrically shaped parts (pick-and-place). All conceivable holding shapes are possible. For easy pulling and inserting of round or cubic components, bulbous or long-hollow with corresponding receptacle are suitable.100% stainless steel anti-magnetic, rust and acid resistant, non-reflective matt fine polished. Stainless austenitic chromium nickel quality steel with low carbon content, for good corrosion resistance (not seawater resistant). Dissipative black ESD coating achieves a surface leakage resistance of 10^6 to 10^9 ohm. Case consisting of ESD imitation leather, EPA suitable for electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace/ESD protection zone corresponds to standard DIN EN 61340-5-1), dissipative 10^6 Ohm. The leatherette is flame retardant, biocompatible and contains a dissipative Velcro strap to prevent static charge when opening.Content: see parts listmaterial stainless steel SAstorage in a leatherette bagmeasures 130 x 140 x 20 mmweight 90 g


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