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KESTER Easy Profile? 256 (KES P-R256)
Product InformationEasy Profile 256 is a no-clean, air or nitrogen reflowable, solder paste specifically designed for maximum robustness in reflow profiling and stencil printing. EP256 has the widest possible reflow processing window. . View Data Sheet (English)Find MSDS
KESTER HydroMark 531 (KES HM531)
Product Information HydroMark 531 Kester HydroMark 531 is an organic acid, water-soluble solder paste that provides users with the highest level of consistency and performance. Batch after batch, HM531 provides hours of stable stencil life, tack time and repeatable brick defin...
KESTER Kester R905 Lead-free (KES P-R905)
Product Information R905 Kester R905 is a lead-free, no-clean solder paste specifically designed for the thermal requirements of lead free alloys, including the Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 alloy. This innovative product allows for air or nitrogen reflow using a halide-free flux system. Ke...