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Wolfgang Warmbier ESD Table Mats (SCS 1402.663)
· An antistatic/ ESD  floor mat or ground mat is one of a number of antistatic devices designed to help eliminate static electricity. It does this by having a controlled low resistance: a metal mat would keep parts grounded but would short out exposed parts; an i...
Wolfgang Warmbier ESD Maintenance Products (SCS 2900.570/571)
ESD Cleaner Special cleaner for dissipative and conductive surfaces · Protects against the deterioration of the static dissipative properties · Removes liquid spill stains, flux, residues...
Wolfgang Warmbier ECOSTAT ANTISTATIC TABLE MAT (SCS 1402.662)
Two layer material · Rugged synthetic rubber · Heat resistant · Abrasion resistant · Halogen free · Elastic · Volume conductive · Thickness - 2mm · We will cut to size · Available in grey and beige ·