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MULTI-CONTACT Test probes (MC 24.0231)
a Test probe SPP4 Order No. MC 24.0231 Refined steel needle points and nickel plated 4mm sockets. Fully insulated with soft-PVC. Voltage 1000V Length 140mm Shaft 80mm Plug reception 7 x 7mm Especially for MC-Lab leads LK 410/415/425-A. Test probe insulation extends beyond plug ...
BERNSTEIN Probes- Sharp fine test lead probes (BRN 2-265)
Order No Description Length Weight BRN 2-265 Test prods, extremely slim pointed and flexible, blade made from 1mm steel wire, with banana plug connection, fully insulated, available in red and black 155mm 9g
FLUKE Fluke Accessories (MC 24.0231)
TP80 Electronic Test Probes  For probing high density components or boards. IC insulator cap prevents IC legs from Shorting. 1000V, 10A maximum