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XURON 800 Series Dispensing Bottles (XRN 800)
Self sealing design no waste, no spills. Two ounce polyethylene bottles are matched with a 1" (2.54 cm) stainless steel capillary tube for the controlled dispensing of a wide variety of liquids, including solvents. The answer for fluxing applications without spilling, dripp...
GENERAL Extension reel (LP 50/DP-30)
Some extension cords also incorporate safety features, such as a polarized plug and receptacle, grounded terminals, a 'power-on' indicator, a fusible link, or even a residual-current device (also known as a ground-fault circuit interrupter or GFCI). · Extension c...
BERNSTEIN Swivel Mirror (inspection) (BRN 1-909)
Order No. Description Length Weight BRN 1-909 Engineer's mirror, magnifying, concave mirror 23mm dia., with extension handle, made entirely from BERSTEINIT, fully insulated version with extension handle 145mm/260mm 9g 
BERNSTEIN Demagnetising throttle (BRN 2-505)
When servicing colour televisions, the most important requirement · for setting the purity of colour and convergence accurately is · the demagnetisation of the colour television tube. · There are colour televisions and colour monitors which are so ...
BERNSTEIN Grabber probe- extended, flexible (BRN 2-157)
Order No. Description Length Weight BRN 2-157 Flexible claw-type grip with 4 sprung claws, to reach inaccessible areas with free play, nickel plated, long version 600mm 75g
BERNSTEIN Demagnetising throttles (BRN 2-305)
complete with 2m connecting cable and Euro-flat plug. The device removes unwanted magnetism from sound heads, which can cause disturbing extraneous noise and losses of high-frequency sound.  Also suitable for erasing magnetic tape  Dimensions:...
BERNSTEIN Grabber, mini pen-sized (BRN 2-155)
Order No Description Length Weight BRN 2-155 Claw-type gripper, nickel-plated brass, with 4 wire claw, small version with clip 110mm 37g
BERNSTEIN Special tools (BRN 2-282)
Order No. Description Length Weight BRN 2-282 Telescopic mirror with illuminated mirror area and double joint, slewable into any position, nickel-plated, pocket clip, mirror 23mm dia. 150 to 460mm 26g 
C.K. Control Cabinet Keys (CK 4450, 4450S, 4451)
Multi-purpose tools for locking systems of electric, gas and water enclosures and other technical installations in buildings such as air conditioning and ventilation systems, shut-off valves, mains consoles etc. Manufactured from zinc-die cast Type 4451 4450 4450S Cha...