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Knipex KNIPEX TwinForce High Performance Diagonal Cutter (KPX 7372180)
ideal transmission of force due to double-hinged design · extremely easy cutting with little strain: cuts again 50 % easier than the tried and tested KNIPEX high leverage diagonal cutters · reliably cuts all types of wire, including steel tape · for...
Knipex KNIPEX X-Cut (KPX 7302160)
Compact and light.Powerful and precise.Cuts finest strands as well as multi-core cables and piano wires. · The X-Cut is a multi-talented all-rounder: the box joint diagonal cutter from KNIPEX is compact, light and simultaneously powerful and highly precise. W...
Knipex SIDE CUTTER ELECTRONIC 115mm (KPX 7702115)
Precision for ultra fine cutting work · Precision box joint · Double spring · Hand polished · Cutting edge hardness approx. 62HRC · Special tool steel, oil hardened and termpered ·
Knipex SIDE CUTTER 160MM (KPX 7002160)
All round use · High quality material and precise workmanship · Soft and hard wire · Cutting edge hardness 62HRC · Narrow head style · Vanadium electric steel ·
To twist and cut wire in one operation · Long service life make these the most widely used nippers in the world · Special tool steel, oil hardened and tempered ·
This American made wire stripper is ideal for production lines and toolcases. Maximum stripping length 22mm.  Capacity 0.22mm sq. - 6mm sq. ·
Knipex BOLT CUTTER - 200MM (KPX 7101200)
Precision blades for soft, hard & piano wire · Cuts bolts, nuts, rivets etc · Minimum effort required when cutting · Cutting edges induction hardened 64 HRC · Cutting capacity up to 3.6mm piano wire ·