Knipex KNIPEX X-Cut

Product Code: KPX 7302160

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Product Description

Compact and light.
Powerful and precise.

Cuts finest strands as well as multi-core cables and piano wires.

The X-Cut is a multi-talented all-rounder: the box joint diagonal cutter from KNIPEX is compact, light and simultaneously powerful and highly precise. With its wide range of cutting abilities, it offers versatility in industry, trades and crafts.

The X-Cut cuts through the finest strands with great precision, has the force required for easy cutting hard piano wire, and features a large jaw opening for multi-stranded cables. 

When cutting a medium-hard wire (Ø 3 mm) the
X-Cut requires about 20 % less force than a conventional diagonal cutter of the same size. Further user-friendly advantages are provided by the box joint design with easy, zero-backlash movement and a slim head shape for easy access even when working in confined areas.

This KNIPEX innovation provides professionals from industry, trades and crafts with a general-purpose diagonal cutter to meet the most varied cutting  requirements in a metalworking shop or an electrical workshop.
The X-Cut is compact and light but nevertheless heavy duty and sturdy – it
is the new all-rounder among the diagonal cutters.
The X-Cut is available in polished or chrome plated finish with multicomponent
handles and also as a insulated version (VDE).